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Hello, guys In this article we have discussed computers malware- What is malware, Virus, Trojan, Worms. How to be safe your computer system from malware. You should know those basic things if you are the users of a computer. So read it carefully up to end because this article is most important for Us.

What is Malware?

Malware is a malicious software whose main purpose is to make our computers systems corrupt, crash and slow down. Malware enters in our system through an online source that is a malicious website containing malicious ads, free application/software, pirated- games, movies, music, fake documents...etc.

Most of the malware actually comes from pirated content like movies, music, games, free application/software, crack files...etc downloaded from pirated websites where most of the content is free. Some pirated content is good which not contain any types of malware but many untrusted websites containing pirated content have malware that enters our system without any permission and starts damaging our computers&laptops systems.

Malware also enters thought offline sources that are Pendrive, Cd/Dvd, External hard disk, mobiles/smartphones infected with malware and other offline sources. So before plugin or connecting any sources to your computers/laptops make sure that source not containing any types of malware. While connecting any source to your system you should know about that source from where it comes and for what purpose, is it is trustable or not.

Types of Malware:

1. Virus
2. Trojan
3. Worms


Virus is type of program designed for damaging our computers/Laptop systems. It can also corrupt computers containing files like games, documents, applications/Softwares, videos, movies, music...etc. Virus entered in our system without any permission and access data stored in our computers and start delete from our system. Virus can also remove whole system data by formatting hard disk(storage) connected to our computers and laptop systems.

Most of the viruses are designed for corrupt any type of data without deleting any file from our systems. Only some viruses have the ability to format our system data but most of virus only corrupt files data. Virus entered in our system thought online and offline sources. In most of the cases Virus comes through pirated websites containing free software/application, warning ads, games....etc. Offline source- Pendrives, Cd/Dvd, External hard disk, and other devices contain viruses where they entered in our system without our permission.


Trojan is a type of program/software designed for monitoring your computer system. Trojan can damage your system but it also collects our personal details from our computer/laptop. Trojan can monitor all the things done in our computer systems like application/software we are using, Internet browsing,...etc. It can also access your system components like microphone, web camera, ....etc without asking any type of permission to us.

If our computer systems containing any type of trojan programs then while doing online payment like bank transfer, UPI payments.....etc then our all personal data gets leaked and collected by that trojan and gives to the person who has designed this program, who is author of this program. Trojan is also known as a trojan horse which is another name of trojan.

Trojan actually inside any application/software where their malicious code is hidden. You thing that this application/software for your computer system but you don't know that inside that application trojan is hidden which damaging your computer data and collecting important data without knowing you in hidden form. In most of cases, trojan comes from free software/application like a game booster, antivirus, anti-malware, ram free software, cache cleaner....etc and after installing that application they start showing their actual work and for what purpose it is designed. You thing that application/software malfunctioning in your computer but inside that application, trojan is set which start running in your system background and work according to a program designed by their author.


Worms is a program/application designed to slow down and crash your computer. Worm's actual work is to make unlimited copies of itself to make your computer memory or storage full. When your computer system storage used 100% and running out of storage that the worm program stops making copies in your system because your computer system running out of storage.

While worms attack in your system you have to face problems in your system like hanging, low responding speed, loading, freeze, slow system, ....etc. Mostly worms entered in your system through an offline source from pen drives, Cd/Dvd, External Hard Disk,....etc.

How to be safe from malware:-

1. If your system is infected by malware like virus, trojan, worms...etc then try to use paid anti-malware or ant-virus because free software/application contains malware which makes your computer system slower and more damage your whole system.

2. If your system is not able to remove malware then try to format your computer system by erasing whole data from your system. This method is applied in most of the computer system, its completely erase malware from your system.

3. Delete pirated content downloaded from the pirated website containing free software/application because most of the pirated or free content has malware that is in hidden form.

4. Before connecting any offline sources like Pen drives, Cd/Dvds, devices,.....etc make sure that source does not contain any type of malware and that source is trusted. 

5. Don't use an unwanted application like memory booster, cache cleaner, game booster, ram cleaner....etc. Because of most of the malware sources in that unwanted application which is almost free for your system.

What is Anti-Malware

Anti-Malware is a software/application designed to protect and clean malware from your computer system. To detect unwanted applications contain malware. To make your computer fast and for good health and performance. It just works as a protective layer for your computer system. 

If you are using Anti-Malware then I recommend you to use paid Anti-Malware application for your system and try to update it because in day to day new malware is developed and to remove that malware your anti-malware software should be updated because for new malware new method apply which is different from an older version. If you are using an older version then it not understand and finds any malware developed recently because older software has an old algorithm to detect malware in your computer system which unable to detect recently developed malware because for that new method and algorithms required for that your Anti-Malware tool should be updated. 

Now the question is that Why only Paid Anti-Malware is good for our system, Only Paid software is good for our system because it not contain any type of malware, always optimized, directly comes from that company who has developed that software with more security. Because free software is some time work as fake software for your system which not clean your malware but its opposite for your computer system by slowing down and infect with malware.

So thanks for reading this article"malware". If this article is helpful for you then Don't forget to comment and share it. Be safe and secure your system. Thank You So Much.....

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