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Hello guys, this article is about firewall- What is a firewall, Software firewall & Hardware firewall, Benefits of Firewall, Software vs Hardware Firewall. So read this article up to end without escaping. If you are computers, mobiles users then you have to know about that basic knowledge.

What is Firewall

Firewall is a program /software/hardware of devices that works as a protection guard for all devices and systems. Protect from unwanted application/software/program contain malware like trojan, virus, worms....etc. When you access the internet in your devices much-unwanted software, virus, malicious code or program try to enter your system but the firewall doesn't allow to enter that in your devices or system and block or stop outside, so it won't be able to enter in your system. Firewall continuously monitors your system while using Internets.

Let me explain about Firewall with example

Firewall is like soldiers for our systems and devices which protect our system just like soldiers protect our country from enemies. Whenever any person trying to enter that country comes from another country that person first need permission so he/she enters in that country just like that if you are installing or downloaded any type of games, software/application your system first ask for permission before entering that data in your system if you allow your system give access to that data and if not allow then that data gets blocked by firewall and didn't allow to enters in your system. Firewall is just a border of our system and devices make our computers and other devices secure while using the Internet.

Types of Firewall

Firewall is basically divided into two categories

1.Software Firewall
2.Hardware Firewall

#1 Software Firewall

Software firewall found in most of new generation and advance computers & laptops which has Windows visa, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, cromeOS, MacOs....etc operating system devices used software firewall. How its works, whenever you download and install any program/software or data like games, movies, music, pdf, documents....etc their in your computer system pop up windows open where permission is asked by your system if you allow that permission then firewall allow to entering that files in your computer system. If any program/software by mistake blocked by firewall then by changing firewall setting we can also unblock that without any difficulty. Firewall used in our computers are software-based which used for making secure our computer system from unwanted application/software which we didn't allow to enter in our system. Firewall is a most advanced program/software which protect our whole system while using internet that without giving any permission by us it doesn't allow to enter any software/application/program either it good or bad. Firewall allow only that software which user want in their computer if any unwanted program want to enter in than system that program needs permission by Firewall which didn't allow. Firewall plays most important role in our computer and save our computer from damaging while using internet. That's a Software Firewall.

#2 Hardware Firewall

Most of the router, modems has in-build Hardware Firewall which is component or part of that. How Hardware Firewall works in routers and modems, whenever any computer or devices connected to routers and that devices researching any data in internet so while using internet every minute request is send to server along with request data packets and network I.D is send, when server replay their request same network I.D is send to that device so due to same network I.D router in-build firewall detect that data is right and not harm or damage your devices. If along with same network I.D any external data like malware attach to that same network I.D that network I.D totally gets changed due to it can easily detected by firewall and stop outside before entering in your devices and damage your whole system. Router has in-build Hardware firewall help in protecting computer and other devices from malware like virus, Trojan, worms..etc. If 10 or more devices are connected with same router and 1 of device is infected by virus then router not allow that virus to enter in other devices connected to router due to firewall enabled in router its stops that virus outside and its blocked or killed by firewall.

Software Firewall Vs Hardware Firewall

Here, we comparing software firewall and hardware firewall, what difference in them. Software Firewall is software/program/application based firewall installed in most of advanced computers and devices and in hardware firewall, it is an in-build component used in routers, modems...etc. Software Firewall is designed for specific devices which protect that from virus malware that before downloading any types of data like application/software, movies..etc its first ask permission to allow or not but Hardware Firewall is designed like that it can directly block without asking any permission but any data blocked by hardware firewall is always harmful for our devices and for our system. 

Benefits of Firewall Security

1. Firewall monitors all traffics enter in our system by detecting data packets and network I.D, if any malware try to enter in our system network I.D gets changed due firewall easily detect that malware and blocked outside the system.

2. Prevents from malware like virus, Trojan, worms...etc

3. Reduce or stop key-logger in our system, key-logger monitor keyboard typing in our system which can easily leak our identities like passwords, bank details...etc so before key-logger enter in our system firewall block that source.

4. If you are using WiFi router or modems, if 2 or more devices connected to that and 1 device is trying to infecting your devices from malware so when firewall enabled in routers than it doesn't allow that malware to enter in your device and blocked it without informing you. 

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