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Hello, guys in this article we have discussed 5G technology that what is 5G technology, What changes take place after coming 5G technology, Features of 5G technology, Benefit of 5G technology, Advantages and disadvantages.

What is 5G technology

5G technology is an upcoming technology which totally changed our life. After coming this technology those works done in hours or minutes are just completed in some seconds. Here In 5G technology totally internet using experience get changed. 5G technology is next-generation internet technology which has great downloading and uploading speed. 5G technology is the most advance and modern technology for which our country is waiting.

Previous years we used 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now its time to use 5G which is the next-generation super-fast network. In 1980, when 1G came we can able to connect with each other by making calls. 1G technology works with analog radio signals where we only make calls. In 1991, when 2G network takes place we get GPRS(Global Packet Radio Service) where we provide calls and slow internet connection. In the 2000s, when 2G networks replaced by the 3G networks, Here in this technology Internet connection gets improved and after coming this technology internet normally used in all devices. In 2010, After 4G technology started our internet speed improved due to 20 times fast internet connection than 3G technology. Here in 4G technology we get up to 100 Mbps of downloading and uploading speed. 4G technology is known by our country that how it totally changed our internet user experience. After coming 4G technology our lots of works get fast and improved connection to the internet like bank transfer, files downloading and uploading, chatting, voice and video calls...etc

5G technology is next-generation technology which provide 100 times fast internet connection compare to 4G technology. After coming this technology our works are done in some seconds which is 100 times faster. This technology is coming soon in India.

What changes take place after coming of 5G technology


In 5G technology we get great speed which is 100 times faster than previous 4G technology. 5G networks give up to 10 Gbps of the maximum speed which response time is 1 millisecond. Generally human eye response time is 300 milliseconds, it means 5G technology is 300 times faster than the human eye. After coming 5G technology our downloading speed, uploading speed, response speed becomes super fast, it means we can watch any videos or movies in ultra-resolution in 4k, 8k or more without any buffer, loading....etc.

Voice and video calls

In 5G technology we get high-quality voice calls which transfer without stuck, lag, and loss any voice data. Here in 5G technology we also get ultra-high-resolution video calls, it means we can make video calls with ultra high resolution in 4k or more with our friends, family, relatives...etc which gives almost real-time experience to users. In previous 4G technology some time stuck, blur video data transfer to the user while making video calls with each other, but in 5G technology we get high-quality video calls where lag, buffer, loading, blur..etc issues and problems being solved due to high-speed internet connection. Here, in 5G technology, all most all video calls data transfer to your friends, family, relatives..etc. But to support ultra high-quality voice and video calls more powerful device required which support 5G technology.


After coming 5G technology, all types of 5G plans are released in India which is around 10 $/ months or more set by telecom operators like Jio, Airtel......etc which provides unlimited data to users. Comparing to previous 4G technology, 5G technology plans are much expensive and costly than 4G networks. When 5G technology taken placed in our India also data consumption becomes high, it means in some seconds 2/3 Gb of data gets consumed by the Internet while using high-speed internet networks. In 4G technology 1/2gb of data is consumed in 1-2 hours but when 5G technology is replaced by 4G networks then it consumed that much data in some seconds. 5G Technology said that this network is 100 times faster than 4G networks so our data consumption also increases by 100 times faster than previous technology.

Self-driving cars

When 5G technology comes in India self-driving cars are developed which are controlled thought the internet, only you have to command that self-driving car and that car will delivered you in that place where you want. Due to 5G technology used as an internet connection that self-driving cars are connected to each car that is connected through the internet. As I told that 5G network is super fast network which response time is 1 millisecond so by using this technology cars accidents becomes reduced reason 5G technology used in which response time is high. In 5G networks all smart and self-driving cars are connected to each other by internet connection due to cars communication with each other in every second by knowing the position, speed, direction, passengers in cars.....etc almost all information is provided by the internet to self-driving cars which makes that cars more intelligent, powerful and smart. 


Features of 5G technology

1. 5G technology maximum speed rate up to 10 Gbps which is 100 times faster as compared to 4G technology.
2. Its response time is 1 millisecond which is 300 times faster than the human eye and 100 times faster than previous 4G technology.
3. 5G technology also saves energy with low power consumption.
4. 5G networks have the highest capacity to connect with a large number of devices that help in instant connectivity with devices those devices are nearby 5G networks.
5. By using 5G technology large amount of big size data can be shared by sending or received in any software or application installed in those devices.
6. 5G technology support ultra high-quality voice calls and Ultra-high resolution video calls which is around 4k or more supported by your devices.


Benefits of 5G technology

1. Education becomes improved by using the super-fast network, 5G technology makes it easy to download and upload data like documents, pdf files....etc. After coming this technology all school and colleges online study format gets changed and study becomes more advanced.
2. Health care facilities get improved by using this advance technology because after coming 5G technology some difficult cases like cancer, diseases are solved online by video calls, audio calls..etc 
3. Uses of mobiles, computers, laptops ..etc devices become intelligent and advanced due to super-fast Internet connection.
4. Lots of works done in hours or days are just completed in some seconds due to Fast internet connection.
5. Normals cars are also developed in advance cars and converted into smart and self-driving cars using 5G networks. Self-driving cars need a fast internet connection for that 5G internet connection is the best option it can also reduce accidents.
6. Connectivity of devices gets improved by 5G networks because 5G network has the highest connection capacity that it can connect with a large number of devices and also provides 100% of coverage to devices those connected to that networks.
7. Communication becomes too fast and advanced having high security.


Advantages of 5G technology

1. Downloading speed and uploading speed gets fast in 5G technology that it can download and upload 60 Gb of data in some minutes.
2. You can watch videos, movies in ultra-high-resolution without stuck, buffer, loading, lag in 5G technology.
3. 5G technology gives up to 10 Gbps of the maximum speed which is sufficient for us in today's dates.
4. Lower coverage problem gets fix because 5G networks have the possibility to provides 100% coverage to our devices.
5. High capacity of connectivity, connect the large numbers of devices and handle it all without creating any problem and issues.
6. This technology saves energy with low power consumption.


Disadvantages of 5G technology

1. Most of the oldest devices are not supported by 5G networks, reasons due to low specification like low storage speed, low response speed, old network supports, old software..etc and these devices are not capable to supports that networks provide by 5G technology.
2. 5G network is much expensive for installing its components lots of money required. It's so costly.
3. The most important point about 5G technology is that it was under process and in research lots of times are spent and how much longer time it takes we don't know.

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