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Hello guys, Here in this article I Discuss about best video editing software for your windows computer and laptop.

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OpenShot is the best and basic video editing software. This Video Editing software is free and ultra-light in weight, best for low specification computer and laptop. In OpenShot 3 options are given- Project File, Transition, Effects. In Project File, your imported files are stored, Now to import videos and images just press right key of the mouse in Project File option then Import option open just click it and select your videos and images that you want to edit. In Transition option, you get different transitions- Circle in to out, Circle out to in, Fade, wipe bottom to top, wipe left to right....etc and in Effect option- Bars, Blur, Brightness & Contrast, Croma Key....etc in Effects. Here, In OpenShot you find all features that all professional video editing software has in computers and laptops. The Best thing about OpenShot video editing software is that its available for Linux OS, macOS, Windows OS which is free. So if you have never edited any video and you have no experience of any video editing then this video editing software is best for you. OpenShot is so simple and easy to understand about their features so this software is best for a beginner.

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Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is also the best video editing software for your computers and laptops. It is easy to use and has lightweight it can easily use in low specification PC even it has 2 gb of ram this video editing software runs smoothly in your Computers and Laptops. Talking about Windows Movie Maker it has also great features that every video editing software provided, In Windows Movie Maker different options are given- Video/Image, Text/Credit, Transitions, Music, Filters, Overlaps, Elements, Export. In Video/Image option your Imported Video & Images are stored, Here you also find some sample colors and sample videos. In-Text/Credit option you get different types of text animation where you just write any sentence or text after applying text animation, the text shown in the animation format in your edited video. Here, In-Text Animation you find different types of animations- Simple Text, Bubbles, Intros, Creative, Vlog, Custom. In Transitions Option you find Basic, Fancy & Line Transitions. Chill, Cinematic, Classic, Electronic Rock, Happy, Hipster Folk, Love, Pop, Sound Effect, Tender & sentiment, Young & Bright are in Music option. Here, In Filters- Common, Distortion, Instagram-like, Material, Night Life. In Overlaps Option- Dynamic, Frame, Static, Viewfinder are givens. Elements you find Badge, Emoji, Hand-painted, Love, Sale, Social&Titles, Static, Travel....etc and in the last option Export- Here, when your project of video editing is completed you can Export your edited video in your computers and laptops. So Windows Movie Maker is also the best video editing software for beginners.

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Filmora 9

Filmora 9 is also the best video editing software for beginners. It is much lighter and easy to use in your computers and laptops. When you run Filmora 9 in your computers and laptops then first small windows open, Here you have two options- New Project and Open Project. New Project for those who want to edit the new video so for that they have to create a new project for that New Project option. If you have edited your video and quite or exited Filmora 9 so to re-enter in that project Open Project option is selected by the user. When you open Filmora 9 there is one more option that is an aspect ratio, Here you select- Widescreen, Portrait, Standard, Cinema. About Filmora 9- Here, you find different types of features like Audio Effects, Title, Transitions, Effects, Elements, Split Screen.
In Audio Effects you find- Young&Bright, Tender&Sentimental, Rock, Folk, Electonic, Sound Effects. In Titles- Openers, Titles, Lower 3rds, Subtitles, End Credits...etc. In transition- Basic, 3D, Ripple&Dispersion, Speed Blur, Warp, Lifestyle, Slideshow, Linear, Plain Shape. Effects- Filters, Overlays, Utility, LUT. In Elements- Love, Journey, Shapes, Hand Drawn, Badges, Tutorial, Web, Pets, Emoji. You can also download more Effects from Filmstock. Here, In Filmora 9 Media you also find some sample colors and sample videos. If you want to create videos for your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube...etc then for that Filmora 9 is the best choice for you if you are a beginner.

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Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 is the most powerful video editing software. Almost 75% of video Editing done by this software. This video editing software is little difficult to manage and edit video as compare to Filmora 9. For Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 you need more specification in your computers and laptops, a minimum of 4 Gb of ram required to run this video editing software. When you open or run Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 their blank windows open you simply go to file option which is located at the top left corner of your screen, after open file option there is an option of a new project and open project. If you are opening adobe premiere pro-2020 at the first time then you simply select New project and type name of that project after done all this process you simply press "OK". 

After selecting, your Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 is ready for video editing. Here, you simply have to Import some files like music, videos, images....etc.

In Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, you can edit videos in 720p, 1080p, 4k and more but for high-resolution videos, you need powerful GPU and has 64gb/more of ram in your system which can handle it easily, In this Video Editing software differents modes are available- Learning, Editing, Colors, Effects, Audio, Graphics...etc. In learning mode, you learn about Abode Premiere Pro 2020 from given tutorials. In Editing Mode, you can edit your video in different ways- Cutting of videos, making slow-motion, merge of multiples videos...etc. In color options, you can modify the colors of your video. In Effects mode you find different effects- Audio Effects, Audio Transitions, Video Effects, Video Transitions...etc. In Audio options, you can control the Audio Track of your video. If you are working with multiple audio like your voice and background music merge in the single video then for that audio mode used, here you can control the volume of multiple audio. So If you are looking for best video editing software for your computers and laptops then Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 is a better option for you if your computer has powerful GPU and high specification.

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