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Here in this article, we discuss about most common mistakes that every Internet Users do in their devices. In 2020 you have to safe and never do this thing while using the internet on your computers, Laptops & Mobiles. Here we talk about 5 common mistakes that you should know. So don't skip any point that discussed in this article.

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Most of the internet users, they don't know that when they visit any website for doing payment like bank transfer, UPI pay....etc they never see that website is secure or not because they don't know about HTTP and HTTPS. Here HTTP stands for the hypertext transfer protocol and HTTPS stands for the hypertext transfer protocol secure. So while filling your personal details make sure that at the first line of the web address HTTPS is written because HTTPS is to secure your information & details, If you ignore that web address and by mistake you are in HTTP then here your all details get leaked like your bank detail, your account password, personal ID..etc which can be easily misused by any anonymous or by hackers. So Don't get any information like your personal account, bank detail, personal documents & pdf in that HTTP site. To secure your personal information HTTPS is designed where you can give your personal details because here in HTTPS your all details are transferred to the server in encrypted formated but in HTTP your all details are visible and here your all data are saved unsafely. So if you find any free product on any website where HTTP is used then don't try to give your personal details because here on this website HTTP is used which is not secure.
You don't know that most of the popular websites like Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram ....etc social media and online shopping website use HTTPS because here lots of personal information are given by users. Https is designed like that if anyone log in to social media or any website by giving personal details like username and password it saves in an encrypted format. So due to HTTPS used by that website your detail gets highly secured which is impossible to hack by hackers because here your all personal details are saved in an encrypted format.

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You and most of the internet users do mistakes that you and they set the same password in all platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter...etc. You don't know that you are doing big mistakes and making your personal account less secure due to the same password. If anyone knows your password like your relatives, friends, family...etc then he/she can access your personal account but due to the same password your all account gets accessible by that user who knows your password. So I recommend you to use a different password in different accounts so if your one account gets hacked or known by any user then your other account can't be accessed by that user who hacked your account.

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One more mistake is done by Internet users while using their computers, laptops, and mobiles. Mistakes were that most of the users used a simple password like name, numbers which can be easily told by me and others which can easily be hacked by the hacker.

Now you think that how to create a strong password which is difficult for the hacker to hack your account.

So to create a strong password you need to use alphabets( Capital&Small letters), numbers, symbols(@, %, &, ?), a minimum length of your password should be at least 12 characters.

Steps to create a strong password:-

First, you have to create a simple password where we use numbers and letters.
                                 Password:- seveshdewangan70
In second step we use capital letters
                                Password- Seveshdewangan70
In the last step, you have to use symbols in your password ( @, $, #, !, &......)
                                Password- $evesh={dew@ngan}70
Finally, we have created a strong password. If you follow these simple steps trust me your account becomes more secure & it's impossible for the hacker to hack your password. One more feature you should use in your personal account is Two-Factor Identification. Here, to access your account you have to use two passwords, it works for those who have enabled the Two-Factor Identification feature.


Now, Here in the browser most of the Internet Users do small mistakes in their computers, laptops, and mobiles. Mistakes were that whenever you or anyone entered to your browsers like chrome, firefox,...etc of your computers, laptops, and mobiles here, you open Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter...etc and to access your account you enter your username and password after filling your personal detail there at the right corner of the browser small windows open here browser ask for save your username and password most of the internet users do mistake that they save their personal detail in that browsers. If your computer is for personal use then no problem but if that computer is used by your's relatives, friends, family then for that you have to escape that process because if anyone using your computers, laptops & mobiles and open your browser setting where manage password option is given, then here your all password gets visible that you have saved in your computer. Its makes easy for those users who want to know your password either it's your friends, family or relatives. So Don't try to do those mistakes that make your personal information visible.

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Free WiFi

Most of the internet users do mistakes that they connected free wifi in their devices which is for public use but you don't know that free wifi can also hack your phone by collecting or getting your personal details how lets me explain it, If you are a Facebook or Instagram User and you are connected to free wifi here whenever you log in to your account to access it or doing payments like bank transfer, online chatting, video calls can be easily hacked by a hacker or by wifi author using public wifi. So whenever you try to connect that wifi you should first know about that wifi. If you find any free wifi in public then try to connect it in your devices if you don't know about that wifi. You know that in today's data for use anything you need to pay money. Some free wifi is set by hackers which is just like a spider net where they wait for any user that whenever they connected to their wifi they start collecting their all personal detail and user whole system hack by hackers without knowing by that user. So free wifi is installed in public for some reason you know if you are smart then before access that wifi thing about that. If that wifi is trusted by you then you can use no problem.

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These mistakes are done by most of the mobile users who download apps daily in their phones. You know that whenever you installed and open any app that apps first ask for permission but here most of the users do mistakes that without knowing about that application they simply allow all permissions to access it. But, here you don't know that some apps are designed for bad use and if you allow all permissions like camera, mic, storage..etc of your device then chances of your device get hacked by that hacker or by app author who designed this app. So before giving permission to that application, you should first know about that app for which purpose this app is designed. If that app is not for your use then you can also uninstall or remove it from your device. Before installing any apps in your devices first confirm that the app is trusted or not. If you have downloaded any camera app and asking for camera permission then you simply allow but that app asks for external permission which not needed by this application then don't allow that permission that is not used by this camera app. So I recommend you to know about that app after allowing all permissions that app required to access your devices.

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One more mistake mostly it's done by Bachelor's who use online dating apps whose not has any girlfriends and he wants any girlfriend from any online dating apps. Here, in-app just fill your personal details and you find your girlfriends which match with you but here in online dating apps many users are doing fraud that they get any users personal photos, videos and much more information which are secret and try to leak by doing fraud with the user who came in the online dating app. If you are searching for girlfriend and she was doing fraud with you so you become much sad that you not expected. So before doing that mistake like sharing your personal information, you should know about that person that is trusted or not.

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