3+ Best Digital Marketing Platform 2020 | You Have To Know.....

Hello Guys, Today I will tell you the 3 best digital marketing platform from where you set up your business and earn money online daily up to 1 lakhs/month or more its depends on your success that how much money you can make. Only work 2-3 hours daily in this earning platform to create money and make your passion. Ok, let's talk about that platform from where you create your business.

Digital marketing platforms

  • Youtube

  • Blogger

  • Affiliate Marketing 


Youtube is an online earning platform from where you create lots of money. Now You think that how you can create money from youtube. So first you have to create a youtube channel and you simply have to upload videos regularly either in days or weeks. Now many new YouTubers do mistakes that they pick videos from other youtube channels or from other sites and upload them to their youtube channel but it is a wrong way you never get success by doing that because youtube wants only original high-quality content which is created by you. So you have to make your own videos which are looks so attractive and helpful for others.

Now Many New YouTubers do mistakes in their youtube channel. How let's talk about that.....

Youtube is a platform from where you earn money online as I told previously and many people do mistake in Youtube that they only come in Youtube platform to earn money due to they did not get focused that much in their content reasons they lose their content quality due to less traffic and much more problem faced by creators in their youtube channel. Some time for more views they create low-quality videos which are less helpful for others and that's a reason their audience gave bad and unwanted comments in video which makes creator unhappy and has low confidence due to their youtube growth decreases or they can't grow their youtube channel due to less earning or monetization gets disable reason low quality or wrong information given by them to audience. So don't think about money first you make your interest in youtube channel and focus on your content that how much unique you create your content and make yourself helpful for others. If you help others with your video through giving knowledge then believe me you never lose your success and continuously getting success in your youtube channel. So first you create a video and after wait, 1-2 years after monetization gets activated you start earning money. Now many new YouTubers do mistakes that they upload 2-3 video and wait for many months or years that when they get more view and due to they did not get success reason they not uploading the video. So you have to upload videos daily if you can't upload videos daily then set time or schedule that when they have to create and upload their videos. You can set video creation and uploading a schedule of 2-3 days or of 1 week this will helpful for you. 

If you can't happen to perform on youtube then I recommended you to please left youtube and comes in the blogging platform.


Now many users don't know what is blogging so read this line carefully so you know and understand what is actually a blogging platform.

So blogging platform is that platform from where you have to write lots of articles like about product review, latest tech news, about traveling...etc. In blogging, you go on different categories
  • Technology
  • Fitness and healths
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • News and Other categories
If you want to do blogging you have to follow those steps:-

  1. Do regular or weekly post schedule.
  2. Create 100% unique article which is SEO Friendly.
  3. Article length must be around 500-1000 words.
  4. Don't think about making money.
  5. Always motivate yourself (self-confidence).
Now you think that when you start earning money in your blog and how. So there are many advertisements companies which help in earning money. I recommended you to join media.net or Google Adsense advertisements companies because they provide good revenue from where you earn money like a professional blogger. But there are more advertisements companies which provide ads but they give less revenue from where you earn less money which is not sufficient for you. So I think that you should only apply to Adsense and Media.net for ads. These two advertisements companies are so helpful for me you can also try this.

For Google Adsense and Media.net approval, you need to follow those steps:-
  • Minimum articles in your blog should be 15-25 articles which are 100% unique.
  • Regular updates your articles.
  • Make your website lighter that it must be open in 5 seconds
  • Last step which I always try to tell you that you should always be motivated and confident.
So, if you command me that how to design your website I try to tell you. So let's talk about the last platform from where you create more money.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a great earning platform from where you just have to sell a product to your buyer. But you think that what you need to do on this platform. So don't worry about it I will always try to give you 100% true information. So read it up to end. In this Affiliate marketing program, you simply have to create an account in your amazon associate. For open amazon associate website you just have to type "amazon associate" in your google search engine after you find that there is an amazon associate site, you simply have to enter in this site and there is sign in and sign up option you simply have to join in Amazon affiliate program.

After joining in Affiliate marketing program you simply have to pick any product which buys by most of your customers or buyers. You have to pick any product from amazon and give a review by writing some specifications about that product in many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp....etc. You can also create a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group to increase your customers from where you directly share your product. When anyone buys your product you get around 5-10% commission from you earn money by amazon associate program. One of the best tricks that I personally applied........

You have to create a blogger or WordPress where you have to review your amazon product by writing articles on it. So if you have traffic in your blog after 3-6 months which is around 1000 then you get up to 100 unique customers who buy a product from your affiliate link or from your affiliate site. Please don't give the wrong review and product to them because if their trust get disturbed you never get to recover it, so you give them a true review and good quality product to make yourself helpful for them if you only come for earning money so I recommended you to Please Don't time waste on it because you never get success. Your success only comes if you do smart work that you have to give good products and provide him true and good information which makes people attractive and also they believe you by their trust with your product. So make them happy and make yourself useful for them.

So thanks for reading this article"3+ Best Digital Marketing Platform 2020". If this article is useful for you then don't forget to comment me. Thank you so much to enter in my site. 



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