What is the Dark Web? What's inside the Dark Web | You Don't Know about that site......

Hello guys in this article we discuss about the dark web, What is the Dark Web, what we find inside the dark web and how to access it we also talk about surface web & deep website. In this article, we detail explained about that web so don't ignore any word and read this article from start to end.

To know about Dark Web you should first understand about surface web & deep web

What is the Dark Web

Surface Web

The surface web is open-source of the internet which is search through different search engine which is visible in public and access daily by you that is bing, google, yahoo....etc. Surface Web is that web platform that is used by you in daily life that are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp....etc. You don't know that almost 4% of the internet is Surface Web which used by you. This Surface Web is visible in google and in other search engines that are used by a normal user. Surface Web is a web that is designed for storing data that is visible all over the public. In this web, you get News, Technology Information, Education Documents and different types of useful and helpful data that are stored in the Surface Web. This web is designed like that you can access easily by any browser and use of the surface web is totally safe because here only helpful content is written and you are always protected by google. If any illegal content found in the surface web then it is detected by this web and this illegal content gets blocked or removed from this surface web.

What is the Deep Web

Here, In Deep Web, all data are invisible and get secret from public view because in deep web different data that are important are stored in the deep web. Examples- Government Certificate&Documents, Bank Details, Police Records, Cybersecurity data(system backup, important files), your account password in encrypted form(Gmail account, Facebook account....etc) that types of data stored in Deep Web. Deep Web is above 90% of the internet which is totally invisible by the public, Here only secret data collected and stored. Deep Web is totally in Encrypted form to access their website you need special code or Web address and also password required which is only known by that website owner. In Deep Web, all data is hidden which can access only by direct link, Web address(URL) which is given by website owner. Actually In deep web data or websites are not indexed in search engines like in Google, Yahoo, Bing.....etc. As I told to access websites of deep web direct link or URL required which is given or told by the website owner, It is a special type of link by which you can access that website, But whenever that website owner wants he/she can hide their website again by changing their web address or link address which is entry link of that website. But by changing web address by website owner you can't access that website again. I think you understand about the deep web.

So let's talk about the dark web, What inside Dark Web and How to access it???

What is the Dark Web

Dark Web is 6% of the internet which is completely hidden and secret from you and accesses dark web by criminals, anonymous, hackers.....etc where most of the websites are illegals. Here, In Dark Web most illegals work done like drugs selling, guns selling, humans body parts and much dangerous material that you can't be imaging it. This web is designed like that you can't be accessed easily by your normal browser(Firefox, Chrome....etc). Due to it completely hidden from you and from the public. It's also not shown by google, yahoo...etc search engines because Dark Web is for hide all content either it is good or bad websites google not be able to find any content from Dark Web. Dark Web has no connection with Google and other search engines due to dark web content not indexed by that search engines even there is a helpful website. Here, In the dark web, all work is done secretly like military communication, enemy secret plans&records...etc. But In Dark Web not only illegal work is done, here you find some good websites which are helpful for you, In Dark Web some websites are good but most of the websites are dangerous and illegals so whenever you enter in Dark Web you have to know about that Websites. Warning- "Don't use Dark web in your personal device because here some websites are illegals and they may harm your device due to your personal detail and your identities get leak which is dangerous so I recommend you to use those devices that not in your use which also not have your personal detail."

Now "how to access the dark web"

 Dark Web is that website that can't be accessed by your normal browser. To access dark web special type of browser required which is " Tor Browser "

What is Tor Browser

Tor Browser stands for "The Onion Router" (Full Form of TOR). This Browser is designed to make your privacy and personal identities hide from Dark Web and also from Google, Yahoo, Bing...etc. In this browser, your original I.P is not shown or used due to your identities totally gets invisible and secure. So, you can access any website as anonymous(Unknown Person). Now you think that when your I.P is not used in Tor Browser then which I.P  used by Tor Browser. Tor Browser used multiples I.P which is changing in time-time either its seconds or minutes. Actually, Tor Browser uses  10 or more Server I.P in one system either it's your Pc or android, Ios devices. Due to multiples servers used in Tor Browser, your identities get encrypted so no one can trace you and your identities.   

Now You Think that why only by Tor browser dark web can be accessed.

Tor Browser is the most secured Browser connected to multiples I.P which is actually a server I.P makes your Identities Hides from others. So to access the dark web you need more security for that Tor Browser is the best option because in this Browser your privacy and identities get hide which is untraced. Whenever any anonymous person tries to trace you they have to first find that in which server you are connected but due to multiple servers connected to your system or device it is impossible to trace your identities.

Let's Compare Both Surface Web and Dark Web Differences.....

Surface Web Vs Dark Web

By comparing both webs we find that 4% of the internet was Surface Web and 6% of the internet was Dark Web. The surface web is a safe zone and designed for the public where you can use Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter....etc. But in Dark Web many illegal websites which are not in public for access to these websites, you need special Browser(more secure) but In Surface Web, no special Browser is needed it also works with normal Browser even it has less security. Comparing to the website address, Dark Web URL(web address) ending with .onion where in Surface Web URL ending with .com, .in, .ooo, .co.in, .xyz, .org.....etc. So If you are using Dark Web be safe from illegal websites and enter that website about which you know well and have helpful and good content in websites that are in Dark Web. In the Dark Web, Both types of Work done that both good and bad. Some person uses the dark web for illegal purposes and some for good work. Surface Web is Totally different from the Dark Web that in Surface Web Illegals work is not possible because in Surface Web whenever anyone do illegals works in google and in other platforms which are used by the public then this illegal website content blocked or permanently deleted by google and by other platforms because Surface Web is only designed for education & entertainment purpose so they didn't allow those content which is harmful to other. So they said to be scam.

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