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How to Find your lost phone?


How to track mobile using gmail account

To Find your lost phone location you need gmail or google account help in tracking your lost phone accurate location. To track your smartphone first you need to download "Google Find My device" from play store in your or your's friends android phone so you can locate your lost phone easily. This method work only if your phone not get reset and login to google account. It can only work by data connection which is main source to run "Google Find My Device" application in your lost smartphone if your data connection is off then you can't track your lost phone location. Let me show you how this applications works:

1st you have to open Google Find My device in your android phone

After open this application. Sign in your google account.

First you need to enter Email or phone no. After you need to enter password of your google account.

After sign in you find your lost device by Google Find My device. See their is 3 option. Play Sound, Secure Device, Erase Device features.

So in Google Find My Device Appication. 3 options whats their use in this application let tell me in detail about this features. 

Play Sound feature is 1st option in which you can find your device by loud speaker ring which play sound in 100% volume this features helpful for those whose phone lost in their home. 

Secure Device feature is 2nd option in which you can secure by lock your phone help in secure your phone from phone theif benefit of Secure Device is that person cannot access to your phone expect you that with the Secure Device feature you can enter password online which setup in your phone throught mobile network having data connection.

Erase Device is last option which erase all your personal data from your device. By using that feature you can reset your phone online but you lose your device Because by doing erase your all data gets deleted from your lost device but your google account also get removed from your lost phone due to google account has no access to your reset phone you not has access to your phone which is lost by you. Due to remove of google account permenently from your lost device you not trace location of it.

If that process not work then you have to trace your lost phone location using imei number.

How to track lost mobile with imei number

To know how to track lost mobile with imei number you have to know first what is imei number

What is imei number

Imei stand for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Imei number comes with 15 digits number help in identification of your mobile which include mobile version, models..etc. It is unique number found in each single mobiles or phones it is always connected to GSM network.

Now question is that "How to track lost mobile with imei number"

To track your lost mobile with imei number you need police help which track your phone using that unique imei number. First you have to go police station and tell about your lost phone that police ask your lost mobile imei number which is identification of your phone after that police gives your imei number to all different sim operator that are Idea, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone.....etc then they start tracking your phone in different area. When any user insert sim in your lost phone then that mobile was identify and trace location by that sim operators. Its depends on that theif who picked your phone if he/she was insert any sim like jio then Jio operator trace your lost phone after trace your phone by that operator then they informed to police then police caught that theif which picked your phone and you got your phone by police help.


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