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What do you mean by artificial intelligence

The intelligence made by human artificially. Artificial Intelligence is a machine intelligence which has power to take self decision and take action according to their condition. It has artificial mind made by human. It is a combination of program and hardware which even create its own language. That means ai intelligence has self decision(Artificial Brain). Ai is designed for doing all work without human use. For that Artificial Intelligence is developed and programed. For ex- Open google assistance by say Hey Google. (Features of Artificial Intelligence)

What is Artificial?

Artificial means any substance, material or product made by human. For example- Weather Satellites (For weather information), Live satellite..etc which are artificial satellites.

Artificial Intelligence in Satellites

Artificial Intelligence also used in satellites. How AI used in satellites lets talk about that first we understand about weather satellites Artificial Intelligence that how this technology work in this satellite. In Weather satellites severals sensor thats detect humidity, temperature, pressure...etc which is possible with the help of AI technology. Ai also help to maintenance of satellite direction. Now we talk about satellite navigation system.

Satellite Navigation System

Satellite navigation system used in GPS satellite which stored all map route information in their memory. When you open Google maps and find any route in your device then gps satellite provide route which has no traffic because gps satellite has ai(artificial intelligence) which try to provide you a better route which is free road (no traffic). Which is helpful for you and your extra time will be also saved. Gps satellite use ai technology because they have to find best route which is best for Google Maps users for that gps satellite use artificial intelligence technology which takes self decision without human use. 

Categories of artificial intelligence

Weak ai-  

Weak ai is weak artificial intelligence technology which is desined for doing task without human help. Weak ai is also called as Narrow AI and weak ai is designed for doing some basic and normal task. That means weak ai is for doing limit task provied by human. Weak ai is trained like that it can do only single specific task and it never cross it limit. Some example of weak ai- Hey google(Google assistance), Hey Siri(siri) this are weak ai software or application used in your android or iphone devices for calling, messaging, email, whatsapp..etc by just command it or talking with your google assistance or siri by open in your device. Weak ai is found around all over the world that in youtube, flipkart, amazon..etc. How weak ai used in that website- In flipkart when you go for shopping you purchase some product in which you are interested related to your interest flipkart show more product that you are interested. And In youtube if you are interested in sports or in technology video if you watch any video in which you are interested then youtube can understand that which types of videos you wants to see most and provides more videos related to video that you are watching in your device. Like that so many website used artificial technology. Weak ai is popular and most used program or software found in all over the world.
What do you mean by artificial intelligence

 In your most of your smartphones face unlock features are given in which you setup face in your device so your device unlock when it see you face with the help of front camera, but you know that how it unlock think it?? lets tell me it also based on ai technology that by recognition your face it can detect that whose face is that. Now talk about self driving car

  • Self driving car- In self driving car severals sensors are used help in detecting distance and direction. But in main device of self driving car artificial intelligence technology which used to control all the system like sensor, left-right lights, engine or motor....etc. 

  • Ai games- Ai games like electronics games like computer chess, football or cricket played by user with computer or by any robots which are based on ai technology. This are weak ai which can able to do single task provided by human. 

General Ai

General ai technology is advance artificial intelligence technology which has artificial brain which can work and take decision just like human think. But this types of system not in our world. It still in research. Now to develop this type of technology World wide has focussing more in that to create that type of machine which think like human and has its own decision. But it takes lot of time becuase its is most difficult task for human in todays time. General Artificial Intelligence technology is that type of technology which takes decision like human and learn any things and having understanding power which is similar to human intelligence.

What do you mean by artificial intelligence

Super Ai

Super ai technology is most advance technology having super intelligence which can do task perfect that human. This technology is designing for calculating, doing long and difficult project which is helpful for human. Super Ai thinking power is much more than human brain. It can learn and understand any things in just a second which is much fast as compare to human. Benefit of super Ai in Future- If Super Ai technology comes in our world then it help to develop human and our science world will also developing more fast which is helpful for us. Due to Super Ai Technology our life becomes totally changed and it will helpful for all the world. How it will helpful for us let me explain it with example- If we have Super Ai Technology then health care improve, our country become more secure from enemies and by hackers. Super Ai Technology is most powerful ai technology which thinking, understanding and learning power is strong as compare to human being. It totally change our internet world and our mobile also gets advance. Super Ai is totally helpful for us it help in developing our all slow process like creating project ,plain, Car production, computer production....etc.

What do you mean by artificial intelligence

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