Windows Vs Linux operating system.Which operating system is good for your computer..?

Windows Vs Linux operating system?? Which operating system is good for your computer?

Before comparing both operating system windows and linux operating system you should know first about operating system. What is That???

What is Operating System??

Operating system is a system software used for computer user to access hardwares of the computer like Cpu, Ram, Input or output device like keyboard, mouse....etc. Operating system is a system software which allow user to access their hardware like when they opening any task that task is loaded in a ram and control by cpu of your computer it is due to operating system. Due operating system it is easy to access any thing without programing or typing any command. Operating system play most important role in your computer. Os is important because if your computer has no operating system then for access your computers hardwares you need to type command or program which is difficult for you or by some user. You know that program script are difficult to set in your mind without knowing about that so for that operating system is designed which makes your access to your computer easy. Operating system basically used in computers or in laptops- Mac Operating system, crome book operating system , windows operating system, Linux Operating system ...etc

About Windows operating system.

Windows operating system is paid operating system Desined by Microsoft and launched windows 1st version 1.0 at 10 November 1983. Windows operating system used for saving or storing your important files, Playing music and songs, gaming, video editing, painting, creating wallpapers, 3d painting...etc. Windows is famous and popular operating system which is graphic operating system. Windows operating system is paid operating system and for use this os you need windows keys which is key to activate your windows because windows operating system not provide any free source&services and also it is much expensive as compare to linux operating system. Windows provides different services like backup which collect your personal data without loss and with the help of backup your data never get loss even you change or damage your computer. Windows operating system has more features as compare to linux operating system like graphics, premium and paid applications like Filmora, 3D Paint, Adobe photoshop, Lightroom....etc and some important programs used for  runs Games and some other application.  

What is Windows 10 Operating System:-(Popular Operating System)

Windows 10 is popular operating system. This operating system used almost in all computer and laptop. Windows 10 operating system is release at 29 July 2015 designed & developed by Microsoft and installed this operating system in 800million of computer at previous year. Now in 2020 upto 700million computer user used windows 10 in their personal computer which is less than previous year. In previous version windows 8 many users were confussed and difficult to use by them so Microsoft has launched Windows 10 operating system which gives smooth performance and easy to use. Windows 10 has new features which not avalible in previous version windows operating system like Windows 98, Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8. Features added in windows 10 like Cortana, Xbox, Start menu diffirent from previous windows, Visual Desktop, Multi tasking is improved , notification (located at Right Side down at corner) and also improved windows beauty which makes windows 10 much attractive and gives awesome look experience to user. It is so simple, easy to use. Windows 10 comes with two version- 32 bit os(desined for low end pc) and 64 bit os(desined for high end pc). 

Minimum hardware requirement for windows 10- 

Processor- 1 Gegahertz(1Ghz) fast and powerful processor required to stable windows 10 operating system in your computer.

RAM- Minimum ram required in your computer- 1gb for 32-bit and 2gb for 64bit operating system.

Storage- 16Gb of space used by windows 10 32-bit and 20Gb of space for windows 10 64-bit. (Minimum space requirement)

Display- Minimum 800x600 resolution of display require for windows 10 operating system.

Different Types Of Windows 10 Operating System:-

Windows 10 Home is used basically in many computer, Windows 10 Pro for used addition features in your computer used for work and for office use, Windows 10 Education used in School/Colleges for study.......Etc.

About Linux Operating system.

Linux os is basically a open source operating system, Free and fast then windows. Linux runs and supports almost in all computer even it has older hardware. It has much privacy that it not collect any data that can be leaked like microsoft collect data for backup and some time their privacy are leaked. Linux operating system is compact system software runs even in much less requirements of computer hardware. Linux Operating system is start creating their operating system in 1991. Minimum requirement in older computer (1990 computers) at last 8mb/16mb of ram. 300mhz+ processor for linux operating system(older version os). Linux Operating system is generally designed by large companies for secure their personal data. Most of companies use linuxs operating system because it is fast, less process time, secure. They use linux  os mostly in their servers having multiple process because linux operating system is designed like that it can run with single core of processor also gives high performance as compare to windows operating system it is due to less application and programs in that operating system.

What is Kali linux operating system:-(Popular Operating System)

Kali linux is linux operating system having less used and this operating is designed for doing high-end project, Cyber security, for creating programs and application.....etc. This operating system mostly used for hacker either it is good hacker or bad hacker. That when some user is misuse of this os and doing  hacking of any ones personal data without permission then we called as black had hacker. If he/she hacking their personal data or social media with taking permission then we called that hacker as white had hacker. For that kali linux operating system is used. Kali linux is designed for  hacking but  hacking is also done in windows operating system. Reason why windows are not using for cyber security. In most of cases kali linux is good that in windows os long program we have to type for making hacking tools. But in kali linux that tools are already in it which we can use directly or by modify it. Most of the hacking tools Designed for Linux operating system for that purpose kali linux is designed.  

Minimum Requirements:-

Processor- Minimum 2Ghz of processor in your computer.

RAM- Minimum 2gb of Ram for your system.

Storage- 25gb of Hard disk space (minimum storage).

Display- 1024x768 of minimum display resolution.

Windows Vs Linux operating system.

Windows operating system is paid source operating system and Linux operating system is free source operating system visible in public but windows is private operating system for use windows os you need to purchase that operating system from microsoft store or by windows owner. Their are many ways to purchase windows os but in India many peoples use Windows crack version in their computers. Linux operating system is totally free service that it provide all its programs and application free in public. Only some paid application linux offers but in todays time linux has almost free application in their market. Windows services are totally different that microsoft provide paid application which is not for free use. For use applications in your windows computer you have to purchase some application to use it in your computer. Some paid application of microsoft- Filmora 9(video editor), Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom(Photo Editor), Gta 5(game)...etc.

Now Question is that which operating system is best for your computer?

If you are using your computer for normal use for gaming, internet browsing, video editing, playing song and videos, painting....etc then you can use windows because windows operating system is designed for personal computer which use for basic user for storing your personal data like photos, videos, documents...etc. Windows is great graphic operating system which is good for you. So if you are use your computer for doing normal or basic work you not need any linux operating system. Linux operating system used for cyber security, for fast use only because linux operating system not used any external programs and application which not use for it. In linux operating system limited amount of programs which makes linux operating system secure and fast if you are interested in hacking or learning languages like python, java , C+ then you can use linux operating system because it is so fast and compact operating system good for that purpose. I think that you understand that which operating system you should use.

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