Why is a super computer different from normal computer??

Before clear that point first you have to know what is super computer and normal computer. So I request you to read all lines carefully.

Super Computer:-

Super computer is one of the most fastest,powerful and most expensive computers in the world.It used lot of Storage,GPU and ram that we can't be counted easily.Super computer basically used in molecular modeling by processing and computing its structures and their properties.Its also used in oil and gas exploration,for weather forecasting....etc.In India Pratyush and Mihir are the most powerful fastest supercomputer which gives 6.8 PetaFlops maximum speed.Its total cost in India is 438 crore.


Normal computer(Personal Computer):-

Normal computer is a personal computer which is basically used in home,office,industries....etc.It is design for doing normal task like gaming,drawing,video editing,playing songs&video and so on...Its much small as compare to super computer.

Lets talks about super computer and normal computer differences:-

Supercomputer is one of the most powerful computer where normal computer is basic type of computer which is for personal use but supercomputer is use for complete large size task more efficient because in supercomputer basically so many servers are conneted like a group(for example combination of CPU's) which help in doing work more efficient.But personal computer is much different as compare to super computer because this normal computer designed according to user that pc user need 500 to 4TB of storage, upto 32 to 64GB of Ram and single processor thats efficient for user according to their budget.But supercomputer is much expensive and designed for doing big task more efficient and for that lot of storage,ram & thousands or lakhs of processors is required which makes that supercomputer which is not useful for normal computer users because they have small tasks as compare to super computer and no need that much powerful computer to normal computer users.Personal computer has that much specification that fitted in your budget. 


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