What is Fibre Optics?How it is useful for Internet? Advantages and Disadvantages....

What is Fibre Optics?

Fiber optics is a fastest communication network in which light is use for sending or received information from one place to another. 

    With the help of Fibre optics cables all countries are connected to each other thought Internet like twitter, youtube, facebook, instragram, gmail, blogs.... etc. So due to fiber optics cable you can do anything research in Internet more efficient. Optical fiber is most fastest network in whole world because it use light which speed 299,792 kilometer per second. Optical Fiber has more than 2 cores are selected but for connecting whole world with optics cable severals cores are selected in a single cable which connected to whole world by passing that cables thought seas of the earth and at end it connected to countries which makes whole world to connected with Internet by providing Fibre Optics source.   


Fibre Optics cables made up of-

   Basically fibre optics cables are made up of combination of one or more optical fiber cables which make Fibre optics. In each optical cable 3 layers that layers are Core, Cladding, coating. Core is substance or material that made up glass or plastic. It has most important role in optical fiber that it transmitted light rays with it. Cladding is most important material which has low refractive index in which light reflect. Atleast coating is done which help in protection and light could't enter in outer environment. That reason light covers most longest distance in optical fiber cable.

How it is useful for Internet?

   Fibre Optics is most popular technology in which light is used for communication technology. It is useful for Internet because in our whole world no substance or particle are in our earth that travel maximum distance at high speed like light so in today's time 2020 we have only one technology in which communicate signal is done more efficient that is Fibre Optics which gives more than 100 mbps of maximum speed in our Internet world.

Advantages of Fibre optics cables.

  • It trasmitted large amount of data without lossing it with maximum distance range as compare to electric wire like copper.
  • It much compact and lighter in weight.
  • It has much strongest material made up of plastic,glass..etc with high duration(lifespan) as compare to electric wires. 
  • High speed in single cable of Fibre optics.
  • No electric or magnatic field effect that Fibre optics cable because in this cable light is used for trasmit signal in which data transfer from one place to another. 


  • It is much expensive as compare to electric wires.
  • It installing process is much difficult.
  • It can't be curved because in this light is used for signal if any curve process is done in it then it cause leakage of light due bad signal issue in that.
  • It can't be afford easily by normal person use due to limited amount of place it is used.
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