What is DSLR Camera | How its different from smartphone camera??

What is DSLR Camera?

Dslr stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. Dslr used large digital sensor which capture photo digitally using lens in which large amount of light entered and making bright, smooth and high quality of image. Dslr camera is actually a combination of digital image sensor, apeture, ISO(International Organization of Standardization), shutter speed , flash and Lens.

Dslr mostly used for professional photography like for creating a more accurate and high quality image mostly in Raw mode image is captured because in this mode you get best quality and detail image which is uncompressed and save in NTF type file in computers. Dslr camera is designed like that it can operate manually by controlling shutter speed, focus point, ISO, apeture...etc where in normal phone some normal manual features given which not perfect for high end professional photography. Dslr is combination of Digital Sensor, Shutter Speed, ISO, Flash, Aperture and atleast used Dslr LENS as i tell it previously. So let me explain its all componets working process, for what purpose it is used and so on......


Digital Sensor- It is main component of camera because it capture your photos in light form and change it into digital photo. Dslr Digital sensor are much larger as compare to mobile and SLR camera. Its main work is to capture photos in digital form. In this sensor light is capture throught lens in which light rays is focus and at end this light captured and save by Dslr sensor. Thats means its main work is to capture photos and changed in digital photo format in Jpg or NEF file type format.

Shutter Speed- Its work is to capture photos without shaking and bluring that image. Shutter Speed is that speed in which camera capture photos in seconds or minute that is set by user manual. For example- If you are capturing or clicking some photos of any object and if you want to take more than 100 images in 10s then you have to set shutter speed so camera can take photos more efficiently. Let me expain it- If you capture photo more fast then less amount of light entered in it and if you capture photo in slow shutter speed for ex in 1/50 shutter speed more amount of light enter in your camera that means you can also control brightness of image captured by user by de in shutter speed  you can and low your brightness using high shutter speed.

ISO(International Organization of Standardization)- It is manual setting applies in your camera. In this setting you can capture brighter or dark image but high ISO in low light condition gives grain image effect(noise effect) which is not suitable for you if you bright your image through aperature or shutter speed then your image capture low light photo clearly without any noise. If you are getting dark image after setting aperture and shutter speed manually then ISO is useful for you which used to make that image bright.

Aperture- It is also a manual setting used for controlling light rays entered in your camera main sensor. In this setting image brightness can be controlled. Let me explain how work process of aperture. Aperture actual work is to control hole size. By changing size of hole amount of light rays can be controlled. In large hole size setting in aperture large amount of light enter in your camera sensor and at small hole size less amount of light entered in your camera. Thatswhy Aperture also used for control brightness of your images. But by changing size of aperture for ex if you set small size of hole in your aperture you get photo normal but less blur effect which is not much impressive where in large hole setting in aperture you get awesome blur effect which make your photo more attractive and accurate. I suggest you to focus on shutter speed and ISO if you dislike less blur problem in your camera.


DSLR Lens- It is main component as we can say  because without lens you can't capture any image if you try to capture any photo you get blur image which is not seen clearly. Actually Lens is very important for your DSLR that it focus light rays in imaging digital sensor(main sensor) which capture your photo. Lens comes with Different varient given below you can also purchase that lens(given in Description)


Varients of Lens- 

  • Prime Lens- This types of lens has just single focal length only. Zoom in and Zoom out not supported by that lens but its awesome because this lens has great blur effect and colorful image captured in it as compare to home or big lens. It also captue wide angle photos. This types lens has 50mm of length. Its so compact and easy to use. Save 80% of space as compare to big lens. It is just 50% half of home lens only different is that it capture more colorful, accurate and brighter images.
  • Home Lens- This is basic types lens used mostly for home photography or videography. It has close shoot blur effect but it not impress you for outdoor photography. For micro photo shoot it is best for you but this type of lens used for normal photography. This types of lens used almost by all camera user mostly in home party for videography because it not produce that much blur effect that you espect which is good because in most of the cases blur video or photos captured which make sad emotion even photo is good. so for videography it is better option for you.
  • Big Lens- This types of lens are used for long distance photography. This lens are much heavy as compare to prime and home lens. It not helpful for shoot photos in short distance. This lens gives maximum zoom in which is sufficient for long distance photography. Due to large size and more amount of lens are used it can't capture that much bright and sharp photo like prime lens because its too large and it not designed for wide range photography. Let me tell its structure ,this types of lens has long lens collection which is hard for 1st user for zoom in or zoom out or focusing any object. So it is little hard control as compare to prime lens.

How Dslr is Different From Smartphone Camera:-

How its different from smartphone camera? Dslr camera is totally different from smartphone camera reason is that Dslr has large sensor and it also support different types of lens according to your condition but smartphone is much different from it that smartphone camera is designed like that it is so compact and has small size main sensor which can easly fitted in your smartphone like oneplus , Xiaomi...etc which used more than 2 camera in todays time 2020 which gives you bokeh effect and makes your photo awesome but it not comparable with DSLR because Dslr camera has different architecture that it is designed for professional  photography which not capture in normal camera(Smartphone camera) it capture orignal photos with bokeh effect but in smartphone camera bokeh effect is designed wit software or by programing in your phone so it can produce bokeh effect which not look like nature effect like Dslr. We can't compare them because Dslr and Smartphone camera designed for different purpose.

Lets talks about Advantages and Disadvantages of Dslr camera:-


  • Dslr camera is good for filmography, professional photography...etc.
  • Dslr camera is designed for capture nature and accurate quality of images.
  • It has no shake effect because this type of cameras are desined like that it can capture photos more efficients by increase in shutter speed(I Told In previous paragraph that what is shuuter speed and How its work).
  • Most important things is its blur effect which makes you so impressive.


  • Dslr cameras are much expensive even its single components like flash, camera lens, Tripod(camera stand)........etc.
  • Dslr cameras are so big than it is difficult to carried it in most of the cases some time camera gets damaged due to drop in land(Physically damage of camera lens sometime).
  • Dslr is much expensive that it has limit used in India.
  • This types camera has manual setting which can't control by normal user using it for first time. They mostly used auto mode for capturing photos.

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