Hdd vs ssd difference:-Which is best for your computer??

DESCRIPTION:-   "Hdd is hard disk drive and ssd is solid state drive. In hdd physical movement whereas ssd has no physical movement thats reason ssd has more lifespan as compare to hdd because ssd was always stable due to small chipset attached inside solid state drive(SSD) .Hdd comes with single circle shape disk where ssd comes with more than 4 or 2 chipset combination. Due to physical movement of hdd damage occur in it in some cases. In ssd it has no damage so you can use it for long time in your pc without any problem. Ssd has light weight and also its 5X faster as compare to hdd."

Lets talks about its advantages and disadvantages:-

Advantages of Solid state drive (SSD):-

  • Solid state drives has more durablitity and speed gives you upto 550 megabytes per second(MBps) data writing speed in your computer.
  • Solid state drives is actually a combination of small chipset which prevent data loss in your computer.
  • Due to no physical movement its more stable, no noise, less power comsumption.


  • It is much expensive and also it gives you less storage capacity as compare to hdd.

Advantages of Hard disk drive (HDD)

  • Hard disk drive gives you speed upto 125 megabytes per second (MBps) data writing speed in your computer which is sufficient for normal user.
  • Hard disk drive gives you lot of storage in low price.


  • It create noise, more power comsumption and less speed as compare to ssd.
  • Data loss occur in some cases.
  • Heavy in weight. 
 So I think if you have more budget and you want to make your computer more powerful for gaming,video edit,file transfer...etc in less time so you should go on ssd.I recommend you to buy hdd if you are normal user and if you have lot of time to spend on it.Because Hdd gives you more storage in low price according to your budget.But some user have lot of work to do if they want to do their work more fast without waste their time on it so for that user ssd is right choice.

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  1. Can u tell me which one to buy??

    1. You can buy ssd if you use it for gaming,video editing,fast file transfer..etc