Desktop processor vs Smartphone processor: Which is a fastest and powerfull Processor??

So in this blog i am talking about Desktop processor and smartphone processor difference by comparing it performance.Which is most fastest and powerful processor lets talks about that.......

Desktop Processor

Desktop Processor like Intel or AMD processor is basically design for high performance.Its architecture is completely different as compare to mobile processor.This Types of  processor are design according to that Pc so it can run software easily because in pc different types of high end instruction and application are used for that high processing unit required and for that reason desktop processor required more power due to lot of heat is produced in it.
Desktop Processor goal is to achieve maximum performance,speed and less focus in power consumption.In Today time Intel x86 architecture of standard processor is used by most of the Pc.

Smartphone Processor

Smartphone Processor like snapdragon processor is design for good performance at low power due to less amount of heat is produced in it.In smartphones processing architcture is completely different as compare to Desktop Processors because in this system on chip(Soc) is used which we can also say as snapdragon processor, this processor includes different components like Adreno graphics processing unit(GPU),a snapdragon wireless modem, a hexagon Digital signal processor(DSP), a Qualcomm Spectra Image Signal Processor(ISP)..etc which run your smartphone application more easily and fast like Camera,video,audio,Gps..etc and give you a smooth experience.This processor is much lighter,low power consumption,no heating issue.This Snapdragon processor goal is totally different from desktop processor that snapdragon processor prefers maximum power saving of battery life(give you long battery life in your smartphones) and also they focuss on performance.This processor is basically designed for give you good performance at low power consumption.

Lets compare both processor which is best in 2020:-

By comparing both the processor they both have different role and goal.That both processor is good in their platform.In today time snapdragon processor used in most of the smartphone which gives you most fastest experience and more battery life whereas Intel Processor which take place almost in most of the
computers Like i3,i5,i7,i9 are one of the most powerful processor which gives you maximum performance in your pc.Due to more powerful processor powerful fans are used which cools that processor because desktop processor produce lots of heat which can handled by the fans of the computers which manage heat.
And comparing to Snapdragon processor its used in smartphone.This processor basically a compact processor which runs in your phone without fan because this processor is designed like that it can take much less space in your phones and if in this fans are used so for that lot of space is required.So for making your phone more compact and slim smartphone never used intel processor because phones are generally comes with small and compact battery which produce upto 5volts of current which is not efficient for intel processor because that types of processor need upto 60w of stable currents and thats also need 10w of powerful fans to release heat from the processor so for that reason intel processor has no used in smartphones in todays time because they have not that much powerful equiments or tools thats run that processor in your smartphone.So for smartphone snapdragon processor is used which is a system of chip(soc) which has different processing components used for different purpose as i told in previous paragraph.

   Basically Snapdragon processor is more powerful in their smartphone platform.Its run more fast in your smartphones because smartphones has less instruction and less processing power required to application.Thats reason snapdragon processor find in most of the smartphones.In Todays time Arm architecture of processor used in smartphones which is snapdragon processor.Good for gaming, playing video and song...etc.But if in today date snapdragon processor is not used in pc because this processor can't handle it.Its due to lot of instruction done in windows operating system in which lots of programs runs in backgrounds and for manage that more powerfull processor require which can handle it without creating any problem.Lets explain it for example if a computer used a processor run at less mhz or Ghz even then it can be more powerful then smartphones processor.So for that reason desktop processors are one of the most powerful processor in their platform.But we can not say that snapdragon is slow because in smartphone platform its taken as most powerful processor which gives you great performance with long battery life.Have in future snapdragon processor used in pc because in day to day times snapdragon processor becoming fastest and powerful but in todays time intel and AMD are taken place in whole computers used because in 2020 most powerful processor is intel and AMD which says to be most powerful and fastest processor.So in future also snapdragon processor come for pc in market but in todays time intel and AMD processor has taken place as desktop processor.So whats your opinion can snapdragon processor used in desktop in Future tell me in comment below.

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