7.1 surrounding sound speaker | Working Principle and Best for Windows 10!! 2020

What is 7.1 Surrounding Sound System??

 In This system 7.1 channel speakers having 7 Treable speakers  and 1 subwoofer speakers(Bass Speaker) are used in the system. In this system you got overall real sound experience. In this system their 7 speaker are used for clear sound experience. This system has Left Speaker, Center Speaker, Right speaker, 2 Side speaker having Left speaker and Right speaker(both are surround speaker), 2 Back speaker- 1st left speaker and 2nd Right speaker having surround effect. That system gives you 7.1 sound of overall real experience. Mostly 7.1 home theater or sound system supports Dolby Atoms which gives great experience to the listners or audience like you and other in cinema or in your home.

Working Principle of 7.1 Surrounding Sound System:-

7.1 Sound System used Dolby technology and produce sound in 7 Speaker that speakers are designed for high Frequency sound output and 1 Subwoofer speaker designed for producing bass in which low frequency sound is set. In that main speaker is subwoofer because in this subwoofer speaker bass(Low Frequency sound) is produce which gives overall real feeling sound quality experience. In this system 7.1 channel in which 7 represent the connection of 7 treable speaker(Produce High Frequency) and .1 Represent single subwoofer giving low frequency sound output(Bass). So I think you understand it. Lets Talks about Dolby technology........

What is Dolby Technology?? 

It is Dolby Digital used in  5.1 , 7.1....etc sound systems. This Technology was actually a sound compression technology instituted by Dolby Laboratories. This Technology was designed for provide you totally real sound feeling experience. You can used this technology in you hometheater or sound system. This technology used mostly in 7.1 and 5.1 channel sound system in 2020 like in Home, School, Cinema Hall,...etc. In today time dolby atoms are used mostly in your games, Video(movies,short Film..etc). Dolby atoms technology produce 3d sound experience in which you find accurate location of sound. For example helicopter was showing in your display screen when it fly left side you feel that helicopter was flying at left side and its goes right side you feel that helicopter was in right direction like that when it go to side or back then you get that types of sound experience which gives you realistic sound experience mostly in 7.1 or 5.1 channals speaker having
3D surrounding effect.

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